Upgrading a Zentyal Server

Configuration databases and file permissions on older versions of Zentyal may not be compatible with newer Zentyal releases. Upgrade older servers using the following instructions.

Copy shares from old server

At a workstation, use the command line to create directories for each server share, and then copy the shared files into the new local directories. Open the command line by clicking Start and entering cmd.exe in the the search window, then selecting cmd.exe from the search results.

Copy files from share \\AAltsysserver\shared, mapped to drive S:, by typing the commands:

md \shared
cd \shared
xcopy S:\*.* . /s/e

Use the preceding commands as a template for copying other server shares to a workstation. For example, copy a user’s server private home directory, mapped to drive H:, by replacing shared with home and S: with H: in the preceding commands.

Swap to new server

Shutdown and disconnect the old server, then connect the new server using the diagram shown previously. Power on the new server, and access its administration at from a workstation web browser.

Enter office configuration

Use the instructions at Office File Sharing to configure file sharing, printers, and users and groups.

Copy shares to new server

For each share directory saved on a workstation, first map the share to its corresponding drive letter. In Windows 7, shares are mapped to drives by opening Computer, pressing [F10] to display the menu, and selecting Tools ‣ Map Network Drive.


Download script NETSHARE.BAT to the workstation desktop as an alternative to mapping drives. Then edit the batch script to reference the new server, and run the script to map drives.

After mapping a share to a drive letter, open the command line, then use the following commands to copy the share files back to the server, remembering to replace S: and shared with the respective share drive letter and directory name for a share:

cd \shared
xcopy . S:\ /s/e