Mac mini Server ConnectionsΒΆ


The connector side of the Mac mini Server is illustrated above. Plug up cable connectors as follows:

Connector Cable Provided
Power supply white power cable Special power cable included
Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet to LAN  
Firewire (unconnected)  
HDMI HDMI to monitor HDMI-to-DVI converter included
Thunderbolt Ethernet to WAN Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter
USB 3.0 USB backup device MyPassport 1 Tb external drive
USB 3.0 USB Keyboard  
USB 3.0 USB Mouse  

AALtsys Technology servers which use the Zentyal operating system on Apple server hardware may be installed and managed “headless,” meaning that the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are not required. If compatible console devices are not available at a site, then a computer on the LAN can manage the server from the browser once the server is connected and powered up.

Manage the server from a LAN workstation as follows:

  1. Connect the network as described above, then power up the server.
  2. Restart a LAN computer, obtaining IP and DNS automatically through DHCP.
  3. Launch either Chrome or Firefox browser. Internet Explorer will not work.
  4. Enter address in the browser. Accept the server’s self-signed certificate.
  5. Login to the server management program using the provided credentials.