SoftMenu Setup

Section Option Setting
  CPU Operating Speed: 2400(266)
  Voltages Control: Default

Standard CMOS Features

Section Option Setting
  Drive A: None
  Floppy 3 Mode Support: Disabled
  Halt On: All, But Keyboard

Advanced BIOS Features

Section Option Setting
  Quick Power On Self Test: Enabled
CPU Feature
  Limit CPUID MaxVal: Disabled
  C1E Function: Disabled
  Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
  Virtualization Technology: Enabled
  EIST Function: Enabled
Hard Disk Boot Priority
  1. SCSI-0: AHCI Ary 3
  1. SCSI-1: AHCI Ary 4
  1. Bootable Add-in Cards
  First Boot Device: Disabled (CDROM)
  Second Boot Device: Hard Disk
  Third Boot Device: Disabled
  Boot Other Device: Disabled
  Boot Up Floppy Seek: Disabled
  Boot Up Numlock Status: On
  Security Option: Setup
  MPS Version Ctrl For OS: 1.4
  Delay IDE Initial (Secs): 4
  Full Screen LOGO Show: Disabled
  Disable Unused PCI Clock: Yes

Advanced Chipset Features

Section Option Setting
  DRAM Timing Selectable: By SPD
  GFX Link Width: x16
  Init Display First: PCI Slot
  UMA Frame Buffer Size: 64MB
  HDMI Port Display: DVI

Integrated Peripherals

Section Option Setting
OnChip IDE/SATA Device
  Bus Master: Enabled
  OnChip SATA Controller: Enabled
  • OnChip SATA Mode:
OnChip PCI Device
  OnChip USB Controller: Enabled
  • USB 2.0 Controller:
  • USB Keyboard Support via:
  • USB Mouse Support via:
  OnChip Audio Controller: Enabled
Super-IO Device
  Floppy Disk Controller: Disabled
Onboard PCI Device
  Network Controller: Enabled
  • Invoke Boot Agent:

Power Management Setup

Section Option Setting
  ACPI Suspend Type: S1(PowerOn Suspend)
  Power Button Function: Delay 4 Sec.
  Wake Up by PME# of PCI: Disabled
  Wake Up by Onboard LAN: Disabled
  Wake Up by WAKE# of PCIe: Disabled
  Wake Up by Alarm: Disabled
  Power On Function: Button Only
  Restore On AC Power Loss: Last State

PnP/PCI Configurations

Section Option Setting
  Resources Controlled by: Auto
  PCI/VGA Palette Snoop: Disabled
  PCI Latency Timer(CLK): 64
  Maximum Payload Size: 4096

PC Health Status

Section Option Setting
ABIT FanEQ Control
CPU FanEQ Control: Enabled
  • FanEQ Target Temp.:
  • FanEQ Temp. Tolerance:
`` 5°C/ 41°F``
  • FanEQ Start Control:
  • FanEQ Stop Control:
SYS FanEQ Control: Enabled
  • FanEQ Target Temp.:
35°C/ 95°F
  • FanEQ Temp. Tolerance:
`` 5°C/ 41°F``
  • FanEQ Start Control:
  • FanEQ Stop Control:
  FAN Fail Alarm Selectable: CPU FAN
  Sutdown When FAN Fail: CPU FAN
  CPU Shutdown Temperature: 70°C/158°F
  CPU Warning Temperature: 60°C/140°F