Upgrade Server to AAltSysServer


This document applies to upgrading an older generation WARESserver to a later AAltsysServer which uses the Zentyal operating system.

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All Unix-like operating systems are inherently case-sensitive. Type commands in correct case exactly as shown.

Change Network Driver in AREV

  1. From a workstation, log into WARES using the supervisor level password.
  2. Press F2 to see all menus, choose STARTUP.
  3. Select Application ‣ Open, and enter the account SYSPROG, password ____________.
  4. In the Commands window, enter RUNMENU LANPACK.
  5. Choose Network Type from menu Lanpack.
  6. Press F2 for options, and switch to Microsoft Lan Manager.
  7. Press F9 to save the setting. (A message will display saying revboot is rebuilt.)
  8. Choose Exit to exit the application.

Backup WARES and Fileshares

A backup copy of server data can be created either at the server, or at a workstation.

From the Server:


This guide section makes the following assumptions about your WARESserver:

  • Your operating system is some flavor of Linux Fedora.
  • A wares program folder is located at /var/opt/arev
  • A public file share folder is located at /home/global
  1. Login as user root, password __________________
  2. Insert a USB drive in a server port
  3. Open a terminal command prompt from system/(accessories)/terminal
  4. Enter the commands from the command column below:
Command Explanation
ls /media/ Identify mount point of USB drive
mkdir /media/(usb_drive)/wares Create a wares directory on USB
mkdir /media/(usb_drive)/public Create a public directory on USB
cp -r /var/opt/arev/. to /media/(usb_drive)/wares/ Copy wares data to USB
cp -r /home/global/. to /media/(usb_drive)/public/ Copy public data to USB

From a Workstation:


This guide assumes the following:

  • The server share for the WARES program is mapped to drive letter W:\.
  • The server share for public file folders is mapped to drive letter S:\.
  1. Insert a USB drive, and open it in a window on the desktop.
  2. Create folders wares and public on the USB drive.
  3. Open My Computer, and navigate to drive W:\.
  4. Press Ctrl-A Ctrl-C to copy all contents of drive W:.
  5. Click in the USB drive window, and double-click to open the wares folder. Press Ctrl-V to paste.
  6. Switch back to My Computer, and navigate to drive S:\.
  7. Press Ctrl-A Ctrl-C to copy all contents of drive S:.
  8. Click in the USB drive window, and double-click to open the public folder. Press Ctrl-V to paste.
  9. Once copying is finished, Right-click the USB drive icon and choose Safely Remove.

Install New OS on Old Hardware

  1. Logout on the WARESserver console.
  2. Select Shutdown Server to shutdown and turn power off.
  3. Open the server case, make a record of drive connections for
SATA 1 –> ____________________ SATA 2 –> ____________________
SATA 3 –> ____________________ SATA 4 –> ____________________
  1. Disconnect old hard drives, add new drive controller and new drives.
  2. Connect new drives to the new soft-hardware RAID card.
  3. Use the <AAltSys> DVD to install the new OS per the Quick Install Guide.

Configure New Server OS


Server configuration is performed through web applications which may be accessed from a workstation web browser or directly at the server console. For the purpose of this guide, instructions are given for a server console. (AAltSys prefers administration from workstations, as this avoids having physical access to a server with monitor, keyboard, and mouse.)

Register the Server

  1. Choose Debian ‣ Registration on the task bar to display the Registration window.
  2. Enter the site email address, registration number, and activation code.


Registrations must be purchased in advance at AAltSys.com before registering a server.

Open Zentyal Administration

  1. Select Debian‣Zentyal Administration from the task bar.
  2. Login to Zentyal with an administrator _____________ password _______________.
  3. –> Select all options from the left menu <–

Setup Shared Folders

  1. Select Office ‣ File Sharing ‣ General Tab.
  2. If server is in a Windows domain environment, uncheck Enable PDC.
  3. Set the workgroup or domain for the server (defaults to AALTSYS).
  4. Set the server description string (defaults to AAltSys Server).
  5. Click Change to save settings.
  6. Select Office ‣ File Sharing ‣ Shares Tab.
  7. Click add new to define a share.
  8. Enter share name arev, select Directory under Zentyal, name arev
  9. You may add a comment, WARES data. Do not check Guest access.
  10. Click Add to add the share directory.
  11. Click add new to define a share.
  12. Enter share name public, select Directory under Zentyal, name public
  13. You may add a comment, Shared files. Do not check Guest access.
  14. Click Add to add the share directory.

Setup Users and Groups

  1. Select Office ‣ Users and Groups ‣ Users.
  2. Enter a Username, First name, Last name, and Password (twice).
  3. Specify group Users.
  4. Click Add to add the user.
  5. Repeat the preceding steps for every network user.


Username and Password entries on workstations must match the Usernames and Passwords entered here. See the Workstation Setup section in this guide for more information.

Setup Shared Print Queues

  1. Select Office ‣ Printer Sharing.
  2. Click on the CUPS Web Interface link (in the bar below Printer Sharing).
  3. Define each shared or network printer in CUPS. Refer to on-line documentation.

Close Zentyal Management


Save all your settings when the server configuration is complete!

  1. Click Save changes at the top-right of the Zentyal window.
  2. Click the Save button in the Saving Configuration confirmation page.
  3. Click the link to return to the Dashboard.
  4. Click Logout At the top right of the Zentyal window.
  5. Click Exit on the Logout confirmation page to end your session.
  6. Click the close button in the title bar to close the Zentyal window.

Restore WARES and Public Data

  1. Select Debian ‣ Advanced ‣ Terminal from the task bar menu.

  2. Login with an administrator _____________ password _______________.

  3. Insert the USB drive used for backup in a server port.

  4. Copy files to the server, and set user permissions, with the following commands:

    mkdir -p /mnt/usb
    mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/usb
    cd /home/samba/shares
    cp -r /mnt/usb/wares/. ./arev/
    cp -r /mnt/usb/public/. ./public/
    chmod -R 777 ./arev
    chmod -R 777 ./public
    rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70*
    shutdown -h now

Shutdown Server and Upgrade Hardware

(Refer to the Installation Manual chapter on Reference Hardware.)


Make sure you connect the network correctly at this time. With the ASUS P5BV-C motherboard, when the computer is viewed from the rear, the ethernet ports are: eth1 (LAN) on the left, eth0 (WAN) on the right.

Restart Server and Workstations

(Refer to the Workstation Administration manual.)