Printing With Zentyal


Your printer may require an updated version of HPLIP. to check the installed version, use the console command:

dpkg -l hplip

Updating the Printer List

Your list of printers in may be out of date, and so current models may not appear. Possibly HPLIP may not be installed on the system. In any case, HPLIP is available from a Launchpad repository, and it can be installed or updated for your operating system version with the commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hplip-isv/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hplip

Latest HPLIP Version

If the repository version of HPLIP does not support your printer, then you can install the absolute latest version of HPLIP as a download from:
  • On this webpage, right-click the download > button, and choose Copy link address.

  • Open a command prompt, and type wget -O <space><ctrl-v> Your resulting command, except for version, should look like the following:

    wget -O
  • Press <Enter> to execute the download.

  • Compile and make this version of hplip with the command:

  • Enter your password when asked, and answer other prompts as appropriate.

  • Press q to quit when you see the section titled:


    Then logout, and login to the server again.

  • Now the hp-makeuri command might return your printer URI string.


After a manual install, the command dpkg -l hplip may not report the actual installed version of HPLIP.

HP Printer Commands

HPLIP includes toolkit commands for managing HP printers on Unix systems. Run these commands from the command prompt of the server, either at the console, or over ssh.

To look for usb printers or network printers in the local network zone:


To upgrade the HPLIP software:


To setup a printer from the command line (not using CUPS, unfortunately):

hp-setup -i

To find a setup string URI to use in CUPS:

hp-makeuri {printer_IP_address}

For a list of HP commands, type hp- at the command prompt, then press <tab><tab>.


We recommend using network-connected printers, and setting up the printers with print queues in the server. Server print queues are managed with CUPS.

Access CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) from one of the following URLs:

at the server console: https://localhost:631
from an attached workstation:
if you know your server’s hostname: https://{serverhostname}:631

In Cups, add a printer from the Administration ‣ Add Printer menu and button selections. For network printer queues, generate the URI of the printer using the hp-makeuri {printer_IP_address} command.